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Lanese Jones!!!

Lanese Jones is not your everyday teenage friend. She comes with so much to give. She was born April 16, 1991 in the Bronx where she was raised by her mother and father. But her mother and father separated when she was around the age of 2. But her mother met her stepfather, who lives with them still. Lanese real father passed away when she was 6. She learns to expect that her father is now in a better place. Her mom encourages her on her self esteems.

When Lanese was 6 years old they moved to the lower east side in Manhattan near the south street sea port, right down the block from me. She use to love hanging out with her older cousin Tyeasha who lived right down stairs from her and her other cousin Mango who still lived in the Bronx. They all use to be with each other and always take pictures of each other so they can have memories of their good times. Lanese attended P.S.110 for about 2 years and then went to a school closer in her neighborhood called P.S.134 thatís where she met her first boyfriend and shared her first kiss.

Graduating from that school she moved on to J.H.S 56 where she and I met. When I met her she was so nice and very open with me and I like that about her. She was already friends with my god sister who went there and at lunch we all use to sit with each other and share laughs. Thatís when one day I decided we should go outside with each other and we met up and ever since then She and I go everywhere with each other every day now.

But Lanese mention to me that one memory she can forget is the day she and a former friend fought which was my god sister. We all use to be real close with each other and then something went wrong and she and Lanese had a fight. I was shocked and Lanese was too because that was someone she trusted. Now Lanese really doesnít trust people and she always tells me that. I tried to help them resolve their differences but thereís no hope.

Now that Lanese is getting older she is trying to focus and plan for her future. She loves to dance and Beyonce and Ciara are her idol and inspiration. She is a freshman at University Neighborhood High School. A great and trust worthy friend.

And I respect her completely. Yeah we have our up and downs but thatís what life is made and Iím glad I share it with her.

The story was posted on 2006-02-13