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Chronicles of Shaman Watson

Shaman kind of looks like LL cool J but with a bigger head. He is the 29 year old with big dreams. Shaman is still after his dreams and never plans on stopping until he is happy with himself.

Shaman Watson is a Bronx boy with dreams of being an actor, rapper, or movie director. Shamar always wanted these dreams but ended up as an after school counselor who doesn’t believe that it’s too late to chase his dreams. He always says “never give up”.Shamar went to john F. Kennedy high school. Shaman got mostly high grades except for science. He feels that a science is the hardest subject for him. He believes that kids are lucky that they can go to school because without school you cannot do anything with your life. He has another job other then an after school he also works at a movie theater as the usher. Shaman was never really happy with has pay at the after school center that’s why he took up a job at the movie theater.

Shaman is a simple guy who has one child and only wants one child because he thinks if anybody has more than one child you will always like one more than the other; there is always favoritism in a family with more then one child. Shamar would never change anything about his childhood because he does everything for a reason.

Shamar has always been a big music lover. He listens to every type of music from rock to hip-hop. He think that music affects your life because if you listen to one type of music a lot like rap you will begin to act like a rapper or sound like a rapper. His favorite artist is 50 cent. Shamar also loves watching T.V. he watches mostly comedy shows. His favorite T.V show is family guy; he likes it because he thinks it is a different show that’s not afraid of going over the top. Shamar wishes he could switch lives with a cartoon character because he thinks it would be cool to be somebody else for a little while. If shamar could change lives with a cartoon character it would be Stewie because Stewie is funny and he is smart.

Overall Shaman is a cool guy who loves his school. Shaman kind of looks like LL cool J but with a bigger head. Shamar’s son Lamont wants to life his dad’s dream. Shaman also has a girlfriend named Jamie. Jamie and Shamar met in high school and been going out ever since. As Shamar always says “never give up, and keep your head to the sky”.

The story was posted on 2006-02-13