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98 Van Cortlandt Park S, Bronx, NY 10463

David Holzer

"Oh Shit!" David yelled.

"We have to get out of here.”

David then left on his bike and I ran away. We went different ways he left to the other side of the neighborhood and I left to my dad’s house to wipe of some blood from my hand. There was a piece of glass stuck in there. We later met up near that spot to find out what happened.

"Good Thing No one got hurt," He said.

"Yeah" I replied.

We were then talking about how we have done the craziest thing in our neighborhood.

“Monkey Boy? Mikey? Mark? Justin? Has anyone done anything crazier?“ I asked.

"Nope I think just us, this is something we will always remember" He replied.

"Wow, you think that part of the forest is gonna stay that way?" I asked.

"Nah, Trees grow grass grows...."He Started to say.

"That means we can do that again" He continued.

“YEAH!" I started to laugh.

Later on that day we told every one and every one was freaking out, some didn't believe us but when they saw they freaked.

David was born on the year of the monkey, which he thinks means something to him. His ethnic background is Irish and Polish. His mom is Polish and his dad is Irish. Irish. He is about 6'3 and 13 years old. He goes to middle school 95 it’s a school split into a Middle School grades 6-8 and a public school grades 1-5.As a kid he rode a bike since age 6, he starting jumping ramps at 9. He loves to bike, he bikes from here at vancourtlandt, around Lake Placid, Yonkers, Woodlawn, and Plactikill even at 161. His favorite thing to do besides was to make chaos, when he was little he uses to sneak behind this fence and throw sticks at windows. Also when he was younger he would pick on some kids because he hated most of them and they hated him.

Now David hopes to start biking professionally. Now he hangs out with me , Junior who is 15 , Justin who is 15 , Mark who is 16 , Mikey who is 16 , Brian who is 18 or 19 , Also there is Chris , Lenny , John , Mr. , Miguel who are oldest ones. He hangs out with them just Biking and Making movies. David, who is soon going to high school, lives with his Mom, Dad, Sister, and Brother who is autistic.

David is the youngest of three, at home he would usually do his home work watch some TV then leave for a while then come back home to do what ever he wants. Most of the time he gets in trouble, either by his parents, teachers almost every one. One time he was doing something mischievous and he was yelled at by State Assembly Man Jeffery Dintowits who apparently lives near him.

He lives at 98 Vancourtlandt Park south, which the same is building that I live in. The building is Co-Op, and is in a very woodsy area, almost right across the street to a Golf Course. In any weather condition he would ride his bike. He described to me His bike:

"It is a specialized Vegas P1 mountain bike, used by a lot of people, but the bike can’t be found too many places now."

"The Bike is like 4 feet and the tire size is 13 inches, with Triple Crown shocks." On his spare time he would use his computer, he is a Mac user he dose not really like Microsoft Windows because he thinks Windows get to many viruses and Macs don't really get because they run on a Unix system, also he says they work faster for editing and writing.

"They work well and they work well and they are better then windows." He said.

David isn't too much of a star student. He is more of the rebellious student. At school he would sometimes argue with the students, and sometimes the teacher, one time he got caught throwing text books out a window. One time he said “Ms.Lopez caught me with the stink bomb I made she got mad at me and she was ready to kick me out."

After school he would go upstairs for a while to finish homework then come downstairs and hangout for a while in front of his building with every one else . On weekends he would go to this place across Woodlawn cemetery where just dirt and trees have, it’s near the end on Vancourtlandt Park next to a highway, him and some friends they would hang there jumping ramps and building, until night fall. He loves scary movies because they have no point so he would make fun of the movie the whole movie.

David will usually stay home on rainy days but that’s just usually which means once in a while. He hopes one day to get sponsored by different companies, like Red Bull.

"It’s hard to get sponsored, but Junior got sponsored by Sunkist."

He would enter competitions upstate but not win.

"It’s hard to win because there are other professionals like that travel around states just enter competitions and winning and getting money from the sponsors." He says.

Because of his size things come easy to him, he gets away with a lot. He would do the smallest things to piss people off and they wont say anything just give him looks. He listens to rock music he like the bands Korn, Slipknot, Mudvayne and even Linkin Park. He refuses to listen to techno music because it gets him hyper and he thinks it makes people become insane. Besides just biking he is also good making home made goods, not home made goods as in cookies and cakes, but as in stuff made from old broken stuff. One time he took apart an electrical energy crystal ball and lowered the energy coming thru and did some wiring to make something like a beam stun gun he threw it away because he feared that it will just blow up in his face. Besides that he is also good in computers, he uses a Mac and he knows all the different tips from his dad who works with computers. He won't usually do stupid things he sometimes says,

"There are no such things as stupid things, just stupid people or something."

He won’t do everything bad, he isn't really a bad kid he may do stupid or crazy things, he is just looking for a little bit of entertainment.

The story was posted on 2006-02-13