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The Outcast Soon To Be Police

It was the summer of 2001 all before the drama began. My cousin and I started hanging out again because her father was being an idiot what I mean by that is he was cursing at her and hitting her and she didn’t want to be in the house with him. Anyways she came over to me and told me what’s been going on and it was very crazy. So I said “hey lets go hang out so you can get your mind off some things”. Her father for some reason scares me. I don’t know why but it’s something about him.

Ambernae was born on February 7th, 1993. She is in the seventh grade and has been moving around all her life because of the things that are going on with her mom and her father. Her mother has been with Ernie for the longest since Ambernae was born. He is not a very good man. No one in my family like’s him. The reason I say that is because this man has made my aunt’s life a living hell and her children as well but she doesn’t seem to learn. What I mean by that is he hits my aunt and uses her and doesn’t do anything for her or his three children. But my aunt doesn’t seem to wake up and see what he is doing to her I don’t know why. She has put him in jail and everything for nothing because she goes right back with him “what a waste”. My aunt’s house has been robbed. She has been put in a shelter and the guy she is with for some reason seems to keep following her and threatens her. If I was her I wouldn’t let any man control my life as a matter of fact I won’t even be dating him.

Ambernae is a very intelligent girl. She likes to be involved in everything. Her favorite hobbies are swimming, dancing, boxing and she is in a police program. Also last but not least she wants to take up basketball just like me which I think is kind of cool. My cousin is in this police program because when she gets older she wants to protect people and see what it is like to be a police.

In the police program she goes on trips and learns about the different laws she does a lot of community service. If there really good they get to compete with different police programs to see who is better. Ambernae also gets to walk in the Puerto Rican Day Parade which I think is kind of nice. I know that I always wanted to. So she’s very entertained with the things she does.

Basically that’s the Outcast of the family soon to become police life stories which is kind of strange but she has a big future ahead of her which she deserves with everything that she and her family have been put through. Hope to come with a second part of the outcast stay tuned……

The story was posted on 2006-02-13