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D.J. Spider

A celebrity is a person who works hard all of their life to become well known, and then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized." This is a popular quote from radio host Fred A. Allen. D.J. Spider would be the exact opposite, allowing others to know and sense his presence and personality and would most likely flash his riches. That's if he was a Celebrity. No, this is not a profile meant to bring D.J. Spider down, but it was meant to show the truth. D.J. Spider is on a massive quest to let the world know of his talent and of his music.

Born Haskell Greenidge in Brooklyn, New York to parents from the beautiful island of Barbados, D.J. Spider realized his love for music while lazily strumming the guitar his late father Haskell Greenidge senior gave him. His other influences include his cousin Barry, who is an avid piano player and Osmond Adams, his brother-in-law, who was a part time D.J. Every now and then D.J. Spider takes the time to remind me saying "Your father (Osmond) was the one that made me want to be a D.J. and Barry just made me want to make my own music." Infatuated with music and D.J-ing, Greenidge and his neighborhood counterparts formed the sound group Black Vibes playing neighborhood parties and even booking themselves for high school dances. Soon after, creative trouble, and disagreements and mismanagement led to their ultimate demise. "We grew up. It was about maturity and I took Black Vibes seriously and they (other members) thought it was just a hobby. Music is my life!"

Standing at least five foot six or more, the dark skin D.J Spider can’t hide from the ladies. He has a semi- muscular body and he is fit. But right now it’s about the music. “I can’t give a girl all my attention while trying to get “make it” at the same time.” In The end they always end up cutting ties but they (Women) always need more attention then he can give. You can catch him in his room at all times of the day or night producing music. In his dark brown eyes, you can see his honest desire to be more than he already is.

This, music is his premier income and he takes his job as seriously as anyone on Wall Street. Soon after the Black Vibes era, Haskell Greenidge graduated from S.U.N.Y Farmingdale in 2002 With a B.S. in Business Management and concentration in Marketing. Haskell started his SGSounds Company with a friend from college named Devon Smith. Smith too was an avid music lover and became determined to perform and release and album. "I worked with Trouble (Smith recording alias) because I like his style and we were like... we just vibed together"

Months after months Smith and Greenidge both saved thousand of dollars on expensive semi-state of the art equipment to start producing music and recording Smith's debut album self titled by his recording alias. The room in which spider works is well known to him, hell he’s been in it for almost 27 years! Haskell still leaves in his family home with his sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews but has trouble leaving. Technically this house belongs to him and his sister Carol, because their father bought it with their mother (his other sisters have different father’s), but in the twenty seven years he’s been here no one has moved out, and to top that of no one really has any plans to. “It hard to move because this is suppose to be my house, I should be able to blast my music without catching hell from everyone.”

The room is filled with thousand of dollars of equipment, and the walls are painted a medium color hue of blue. The ceiling is sponge painted and gives the room sort of an artistic feel. The recording both is a closet that has been soundproofed and has red bar stool placed inside for when the artist gets tired of standing in the hot booth. The hard wood floors show their age since the house is entering its senior years. At any given time you’ll probably find him in his room working with business partner Devon “Troublesum” Smith. When asked if working with a partner is hard, Spider simply states "It's not hard as long as you and your partner are both on the same page and know creatively what the other is doing."

Being frank is usually one of Spiders best qualities, but here he is being subtle. He and his partner both know they can't screw each other over because in turn the other fails. This is not a one man show. Nonetheless Trouble released his album independently and yet still there is no buzz. Why is that? They are a small company and funds are limited and the hardest part is trying to get people to now there are better and more reggae artist out there than Sean Paul. Not just trouble but a lot of reggae artist who don’t get major airplay because no one knows any reggae artist besides Bob Marley, Sean Paul and Shaggy. Maybe it's even harder due to the fact that trouble is a "Yankee”, a person who is from an island but lives stateside. It's the same in the rap world when people are not from the projects or the toughest part of the neighborhood they are frowned upon. Talent is overlooked by street credibility, which “Trouble” does have.

"Besides Marketing and advertising, it's about familiarizing people with my name. All the talent in the world gets you no where if no one knows your name. There are plenty of artists out there that don't really have any major talent but they're popular and they are making money and doing good business." So where does that leave the infamous DJ Spider? Making his Debut album, some might say it’s a Pharrell Williams esque project, reggae style.

Pharrell Williams one ˝ of the beat making duo “The Neptunes” goes of every once and a while and does solo projects he’s not the best singer or rapper but some how people magically forget that due to his appeal or just the catchiness of the beat. The same goes for D.J Spider he’s not the best singer, nor does he “try” to sing but the appeal of the song and it’s beat makes you forget that. Only time will tell if D.J Spider will get the chance to hide behind big glasses, run from the paparazzi and party al night in the V.I.P.

The story was posted on 2006-02-13