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The Truth about Orlando

‘HONEY!” He yells from the room. My mom ignores him.

“HONEY!” He keeps on yelling until my mom gets feed up with it.

“WHAT!” she yells.

“You got a fat a**.

“You’re so stupid. You act like a child”.

He laughs in amusement. I walk in the room and as I entered he yells “MOMOTA”.

I join him and say “PAPALOTE!”

We both start to laugh. My mom comes in the room as she is giggling and says that we are both retarded. Then he starts to act like a baby and says “I want my banky.”

We all laugh together in amusement. But he’s not always a joker. He had a hard life in his past.

Orlando was born in the Lower East Side. His mother left him at a young age. He grew up with his father. Although he had 6 brothers and sisters, he grew up in a house hold of 2 children. Him and his brother. As he grew up he learned Responsibility. He learned how to take are himself. By the time he got to high school he wasn’t only clever, he had street smarts. He attended Seward Park High school on Essex Street. Through his years in high school he was always getting in and out of trouble. But him even attending school didn’t last very long. When he finally got to the 11th grade he no longer attended school. He dropped out because of family issues, and because he got to do whatever he wanted. During this time He met a young girl. He thought he fell in love with her, and soon had a child. Soon after having a child he broke up with her and they went their separate ways. But he still took care his child. After having issues with his son’s mother he got a job to support his son and he did until this day.

Orlando is currently working at Equinox gym on 12 street and 7th ave. he is a personal trainer (P.T). He helps people to get in shape and keep their body toned. From Monday through Friday, he prepares himself to deal with clients that come in regularly. He sets up routines to get them started for the day. When the session is over, his clients leave energized to know they had a good workout.

But Orlando is not all about working. He also things he like to do on his spare time. On his spare time he likes to read the newspaper to see what go on in the world today. He also likes to read autobiographies on famous people that change our society today. Orlando likes to collect comic books because their amusing and have a value. When he’s not doing what he likes to do, he mostly spends time with his family to catch up on things.

Orlando was brought up to be a positive role model for his family. He plans to retire as a well known P.T. he also plans to settle down with his family and start a happy life together.

The story was posted on 2006-02-13