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“Oh My God!!” The inside story of Jennifer Wu.

It was a nice shiny day and I was walking down the street near Eckerd and I couldn’t believe my eyes, I seen a Chinese girl, with black hair, with brown highlights. I paused for a minute and smiled. Then I ran to this person like I was running from the cops. Then I hugged her and said “Oh my god! I haven’t seen you in 2 days”.

This girl is about 5’4 and she’s Chinese. She was born on Aug. 5th, 1991. The school she goes to is John Adams High School. Jennifer lives in Ozone Park, Queens. She has two sisters (Vivian, 17 and Susan 12). Her favorite color is pink, blue, and red. Jennifer is a short girl with big heart! She lives in a crazy neighbor hood near Eckerd and Bob’s Sneaker Corner. “Yo! My block is crazy!!!” She said with excitement. “Every night we all go outside and play hide and seek at the cemetery, it’s mad scary but fun”. “How about the witch’s house” I asked. ”Hahaha! One of my friends threw a rock at her door and she came out with a broom. I know it sounds weird but she did come out with a broom! Everybody ran and hide. Oh my god!! It’s sooo funn!!!!”

There is something you should know about this girl. Jennifer has a great personality. That’s why she became my best friend! She is fun to be with, nice, sweet, loving, and smart. She’s never greedy about something. When you hang out with her, she is going to crack you up like crazy. One craziest thing she ever did, was when we went outside for lunch last year. And I was just sitting there talking to my friends. And put of nowhere she poured a strawberry smoothie in my hair. And I chased her everywhere, and she still had some left so, she threw the whole strawberry smoothie in my white shirt. Jennifer is very smart but she is lazy. Sometimes you have to push her to do her work, but when she work she is really good at it. In 6th grade me, Jennifer, Angela, and Jessica would always play around in the girl’s locker room. And we would spit in each other’s gym clothes with water. And there was this time when Jennifer was changing her clothes and we hid her pants in a locker. She was looking all over for it with only her underwear. “Oh my god. Where are my pants?!! Jane! Help me find my pants!” she yelled. “Okay, hold on let me change.” I already changed my clothes, so I was with the other two girls cracking up in the girl’s bathroom. When she came in she said “Two toes!! Where is it?!! I know you took it!” The period was ending, so we gave it back to her. But she was cool with it. She said she would get me back. But she never did. I guess she forgot all about it.

Jennifer is always having fun!! She is not your average girl! She loves shopping!!! Every time I come over are always having new clothes. She is not rich or anything but, she saves her money and if she sees something and wants it she uses her own money. This girl is so fun to be with!! She is like the craziest Asian girl I ever knew. She always makes me laugh. Like when I think that I will never ever laugh again, she comes and makes funny jokes and makes a face that’s when I start cracking up. Not only is she fun to be with, she is always a good friend. She shares with you with all her stuff. She is not greedy at all. She likes to play basketball. She is not even good at it, but she still plays basketball with our other friends. This girl loves to make her friends laugh.

She already had her future all set. “After high school I’m going to college. And we are going to share a dorm or an apartment!” Jennifer said. “Watch, We’ll be best friend till the end!!!”

The story was posted on 2006-02-13