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The Third Person I Met in Lincoln

My friend is my interviewee and the reason why is because he was the 3 person I met in Lincoln. He was born in Harlem hospital in New York City. I met him about 5 or 6 years ago as his cousin brought me to his house. To find out he is a fan of Dipset due to the fact that one of the members is named Killa Cam a.k.a Cam’ Ron is his cousin and that is no lie. He is a representative of Lincoln projects who I am very cool with.

As I was talking to Derrick Coleman Jr. he said that his dreams are to become a rapper or just to make his name known. He told me that batman is his favorite superhero because he use his gadgets to f*** n***** up. He used the humor in our interview to make things great. Like when I asked him what is the funniest story that he could remember he said “when you used to have an anger problem” “like when you fought my cousin for calling you a little n****”.

I asked him who is the most important person in his life and he said “my uncle teddy”. Then I said I knew it because he cried when teddy was in the hospital. I asked him why he left New York to go to north Carolina for a year and a half. In which he answers as “my mother said that I was doing badly and she needs me to change my grades”. “But then I came back because I miss the hood and I miss my n******” “you know what I’m saying” This is my friend. The boy I have been chilling with for 6 years. As we grew up the thing that will happen is that we would always fight. But till he goes to college he is always the brother man from the sixth floor.

The story was posted on 2006-02-13