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Tasha Oh So Strange: From Shy Girl to Punk Rock

Since she was young she’s always been the shy girl on the block. She would sit in her window, watching the world change, from the inside of her house. Her name, Shiomara Tasha Diaz. She prefers to be called Tasha because “No one can pronounce my name right it’s [Shi-o-mara]. Not [shy- mara]” she said. You would think she would be a mean little devil because her birthday is October 30, 1989 but she’s not.

Being that she was the only child you would think she always got what she wanted. Not always. She was raised by her mother and step father. She now lives with her auntie, two cousins and her mother on the first floor of my building. We live on 100th street and Amsterdam. She attends Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis high school which she doesn’t really like because “There’s too much people and kind of boring”. In the future she doesn’t know what she wants to do “I want to be around Fashion and the business world” she said. She’s a short, half Puerto Rican and Dominican girl that has a love for music.

The clearest memoir of childhood is the times she spent with her father. Her father was not around a lot when she was growing up. Her favorite colors are “Purple red and black because these colors explain who I am and how I feel when I’m wearing them” she said. Her favorite T.V Show is Project Runway and One Tree Hill. She loves to dress “Punk rock, Preppy, Skater girl and Hip Hop altogether.” Her favorite clothing stores are Urban Outfitters, Alphabets, H&M, Mony’s, Fred Flare, and Ricky’s. “I love summer, I hate winter. In the summer you get to wear whatever you want. In the winter you have to cover up.” One thing she can’t live with out is her beans, eggs and Spanish Food.

One of her favorite things to do is to listen to music. “Trey Songz and Gwen Stefani are my favorite celebrity” she said “Trey Songz look dumb good and I love Gwen Stefani’s music and style”. She listens to all types of music Hip hop, Rock and Roll, and alternative. “I love music. It takes you away from all you worry”. When she’s sad she listens to Alternative and Rock. “I never get tired of Jay Z, The ghost of you by My Chemical Romance, Rock Star by NERD and Naomi by Dre.

We’ve been friends for so long I don’t even remember how or when we met. My mother and her auntie were the best of friends.

“My two favorite people in the world are Crissie and You” she said. “I remember summer 2004. Me and you got caught in the rain. You were wearing all white and I was wearing white pants. We had to stand in front of the center until it stopped raining then we had to rush home. When we got home we could not stop laughing because for some reason it was funny”

“I remember that time when me, you and Crissie was suppose to go to my friends house and he was not there. We did not want to leave the building because your aunties lived to close to where we were. We went in and out the building looking for him to see if we were coming. We waited in the building for 2 to 3 hours. When we was about to leave I called Solo and she said to go back to his house because he there now. When we asked him where was he, he said that he thought we weren't coming because that’s what someone told him. And he went to get his hair done. That was funny.”

She's a very creative person “I like making my own designs." She wears button, screws, or safety pins in her ear." I know i'm different. I like being different." I’m her best friend because I understand her and I like that she’s different. She sometimes my come off a mean person she’s just out spoken. She walks around with a mean face. She’s a teddy bear once you get to know her. That's just who she is. Tasha Oh So Strange.

The story was posted on 2006-02-13