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Travis, get out of the &@#^%$ shower! My view of my aunt

“Travis, get out of the &@#^%$ shower!” is something I hear every day. It’s annoying but she does it because she loves me. Once I almost suffocated because of all the steam in the bathroom after staying in for about three hours. I nearly died, I collapsed and everything. Well my mom got me out but still, she yelled at me to get out about a half of a million times. She looks after me and cares for me and that’s why I chose her to do my report on.

Born May 12 1966 Sylvia Ann Sealy was the oldest out of six children. They all lived in a small four bed room apartment. She hated how cramped it was but that was her life. Since she wasn’t allowed to go out and play as a child, she spent most of her life playing with her 3 brothers and 2 sisters or watching her favorite show The Twilight Zone. She says that she had a boring life and the most exciting thing that happened to her was when she got her braces. She grew up poor, being raised by her single mother but she lived through it and grew up to have a better life.

My aunt works a lot; she has had a lot of jobs over the years. Her first job was at a store called rainbow shop. She folded clothes in the back. That was the job she hated most. Her favorite job was customer service at Out Law Biker Magazine (I modeled in the magazine as a baby). Her current and longest job is at a place called ASCAP as a cue sheet analyst, she’ll have been there for 10 years in august. When she was young she went to Mable dean bacon high school she hated her high school life she had no ambition. She recently went back to school for nursing and biology. She said that as a child she wanted to be a singer. I asked her if she would still want to be a singer she looked at me and laughed. I’ll take that as a no.

My aunt is funny like that; she can be funny and serious at the same time. Now you can find her torturing me by sitting on me or putting ice down my back or watching sci-fi. Her future dream is to be a nurse I believe that she will be able to go farther and be a doctor but she doesn’t care she just wants to help people starting with me. So for now she can just stop me from suffocating by yelling “Travis, get out of the goddamn shower”.

The story was posted on 2006-02-13